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Call Centers

End-to-End Features in a Single Contact Center Solution for the Call Center Industry.

  • Predictive dialer
  • Inbound and outbound campaigns
  • Auto dialer
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Call recording
  • Call transfer and three-way calling
  • Automatic call distribution (ACD)
  • Call center monitoring and analytics
  • Contact management
  • Computer telephony integration (CTI)
  • Voicemail to email


Build a hybrid campus. Cloud-managed IT is built for the flexibility the Education industry requires.

  • Classroom: students and teachers can move freely around classroom or campus through multiple access point (AP) systems that ensure everyone is engaged and connected even outside the classroom.
  • Home: The increased capacity of Wi-Fi 6 products means that entire families can be connected simultaneously, learning in virtual.
  • Outside: Extended reach, better device power savings, and ubiquitous public Wi-Fi access make it easier for students of all ages to learn wherever they are.
  • Administration: Onboarding and securing hundreds or thousands of devices accessing school networks is easier now using Wi-Fi.

Political Campaigns

Empower your political campaign by engaging the public. Send alerts, voicemail drops, notifications, reminders, political calls, get out the vote.

  • Same day cloud setup.
  • Manage Contacts: Use an existing contact list. Enter contacts manually or upload a contact list.
  • Record Your Message: Easy to use recording options. Use your computer microphone or upload a sound file. You can even type a message using text to speech.
  • Initiate Your Voice Broadcast: Place calls immediately or schedule calls. You can place calls online from your account or from your telephone keypad.

Small & Medium Business

A single system that delivers all your business needs. Wi-Fi, security cameras, and telephone system are all managed and working together.

  • All system components are cloud managed 24X7.
  • The system is scalable can supports hundreds of users.


Secure and fast internet access in every corner of your hotel. Perfect for the hospitality industry.

  • Centralized management: Seamlessly manage campus-wide Wi-Fi deployments and distributed multi-site networks from a single pane-of-glass.
  • Location analytics: Reveal powerful metrics such as visitor capture rate, user visit time, and repeat visits by listening for wireless devices.
  • Application visibility & control: Identify which applications are being used, and then prioritize critical apps while limiting recreational apps.
  • Identity-based firewall: Automatically assigns firewall and traffic shaping rules, VLAN tags, and bandwidth limits to enforce the right policies for each class of users.


What People Are Saying

Secure remote access and backup was a constant headache for our office. Since we adapted Cloud Vision’s solution, we don’t have these issues any more. CV support and help desk is also outstanding. Whenever we have an issue, they always jump in the take care of the issue.

Dr. Omar Mohamed

Carnegie Hill Dental Group

Cloud Vision was the right solution for my small business. My LAN was up in no time, remote access was working out of the box, encrypted backup was completed from the first night, and my network was protected with state-of-the-art firewall. RECOMMENDED.

Mohamed Sonbol

Versutus Accounting & Consulting

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