hosted call center

Technology and the Modern Hosted Call Center

Consumer spending continues to rise. This puts a higher demand on customer service. Hosted call centers are expected to see a lot of growth soon. Analysts predict the market to reach $481 billion by 2024. Unified Communications providers have the opportunity to increase revenue substantially.

Call Center Growth & Unified Communications Providers

Hosted call centers may seem like uncharted territory. However, UC providers already have the tools needed. And they are available at a lower cost than expected. Also, newer cloud-based solutions provide call centers with many new features. They can count on better security, reliability, and they are easier to scale. It’s just a matter of time, really. The time to switch is now!

Features & Functionality

There are a few features that a hosted call center absolutely needs for success. These features are necessary to make a new phone system worth it. Features that every Unified Communications reseller should have include:

  • Whisper mode
  • Analytics boards
  • Call groups

Hosted call centers also need certain functionalities, like reliability. In a call center, time really is money. Reliability needs to be consistent. It’s crucial. Downtime translates to financial loss. Unified communication providers must be able to guarantee at least 99>99% uptime. That can make a huge difference. Guaranteed uptime doesn’t just apply to huge telemarketing companies, either. SMBs purchasing call centers need it too.

Every SMB is a Call Center

The customer experience shapes how businesses view the customer relationship. Also, customers now expect higher levels of service. They demand a personal, more human, connection. This turns every SMB into a call center. Unified communications deliver hosted call center solutions. These solutions were not previously available to the smaller business. Cloud-based solutions are now viable for SMBs. 

So there is no need to install on-premise hardware or hire knowledgeable staff to maintain it.  This means that SMBs can have enterprise-quality call center solutions at much lower costs. Which is great news for those smaller businesses wanting to keep up with the demand for improved customer service. This in turn is also great news for unified communications providers. They increase their revenue per user by adding hosted call centers to their deals.    

What it Means for Your Business

Call center growth represents an avenue for exponential revenue. UC service providers, like you, should be chomping at the bit to bag call center deals. But, it’s no secret that many service providers offering unified communications are often armed with strict cores. They also have unreliable platforms that are plagued with downtime. Which can make call center deals less profitable than they should be.   Many platform providers keep you as a middleman. Where you have to adhere to their business models and hand over your customers to their support teams.

As CX becomes the main focus, customers don’t want to deal with third party support and unreliable systems.     RingLogix offers hosted call center and UC functionality and features with unparalleled reliability and ease of use. Your customers get call center monitoring to keep track of customer satisfaction and CSR performance without costly and separate call center applications. Additionally, our platform is compatible with any device, meaning CSRs don’t have to be in-office to deliver great CX.