How VoIP Phone Systems can Help Accelerate and Grow Your Business

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Introduction to Voip Phone Systems

If your business is looking for cost-effective and efficient solutions for telecommunications, you may have been informed that VoIP phone systems are one of the best choices in today’s internet-driven society. There is no doubt that VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), or Internet telephony, has now become increasingly popular with companies and businesses of every size. And it seems like VoIP services are now answering most, if not all, of the main communication, needs businesses require from modern telephone systems.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offers several different benefits to businesses, both small and large that incorporate it into their communication systems. Did you know that VoIP systems cost considerably less than conventional telephone lines and offer services for users to easily forward as well as round calls even during peak hours?

And it is worth noting that over the last couple of years, VoIP technology has certainly proven to be a game-changer in the area of telephony. Also, as VoIP has gradually become highly popular among businesses and individuals, it has managed to take over a significant portion of the telephony market. And with this recent increase in popularity, many wonder why VoIP technology is such a resounding success.

What is a VoIP Phone System?

We can say that the term Voice over Internet Protocol has been widely used as a catch-all phrase in the telecommunications industry to refer collectively to a wide array of technologies that are designed to provide high-quality Internet-based communications services. Note that a Voice over Internet Protocol phone system is an excellent means of transmitting your voice calls over IP networks.

With a VoIP system, you can make phone calls with an internet connection, instead of making a telephone call using a standard phone line. And it is evident that recent advancements and technological improvements are quickly making VoIP the standard means of communication for companies that want a future-proof and reliable means of communication. Also, note that modern, top-level VoIP is both dependable and consistent.

Keep in mind that VoIP refers just to the underlying transport protocol, which helps encapsulate voice media streams or voice traffic. It then allows this traffic to be conveniently carried over data networks, using internet protocols or IP network technologies. However, VoIP is not IP Telephony, nor is it the commonly used industry terminology known as IP Communications.

What does a VoIP Phone System Do?

With its receiver and microphone, a VoIP telephone system can take the sound you produce and convert it into data packets. And then it sends these packets over the network and out via the internet. Note that on the other end, the telephone decompresses the data and then plays it back for the other individual to hear. Because of the reduced infrastructure required to deliver telephone calls on VoIP technology, note that voice calls can easily be provided at a considerably low cost, which is excellent. And that is not all; VoIP phone systems also give you more mobility, interoperability, and better connectivity.

Also, as VoIP services use the internet in order to deliver your phone system, several new features, as well as services, are now available to small and mid-sized businesses that were unaffordable in the past. Some of these include call recording, voicemail-to-email, instant messages, and international calling, etc.

Benefits of using a VoIP Phone System

VoIP is amazing as it has a number of key advantages over the traditional approach to voice communication. This is especially true as internet connectivity becomes ubiquitous, and more businesses and companies are switching to VoIP. As a user, you will acquire more features, functionality, and dependability by shifting to a reliable VoIP phone system. These are some of the biggest advantages and benefits of a VoIP phone system.

Efficient Client Interaction

You probably know that in today’s international economy, businesses can be located anywhere. And this usually means that corporate meetings require travel. However, with a VoIP phone system, there’s really no reason to lose the important ability to make important calls or to fail to forward crucial documents.

It is no secret that customers don’t appreciate waiting for a solution to their issue or problem. Similarly, few people would like to be put on hold for long periods or to be passed between multiple agents. However, the great thing about using VoIP phone systems is that you can make sure that customer calls are answered promptly. And you may also use automatic routing rules. This will ensure that all agents get equal opportunities to answer phone calls. 

Note that in the last couple of years, major companies, such as  JPMorgan Chase and Coca-Cola, have eliminated voicemail. Although this type of move might not be suitable for every business, many companies have certainly realized that answering voicemails simply takes up too much valuable time. Developing brand loyalty is a vital element in creating a profitable and successful business model.

And most clients now demand a positive and hassle-free customer experience, and excellent customer service can go a long way when it comes to improving word-of-mouth marketing. With an excellent VoIP phone system, you can also choose where your telephone calls ring and how.

For example, you may select the first couple of rings to be forwarded to a specific office. If you fail to answer the phone call, then it will be transmitted to a second or even third device, say, a smartphone or laptop. Quite simply, telephone calls do not have to be missed anymore, especially if they are urgent.


Did you know that there is a lot more to VoIP than simply making and receiving phone calls? The great thing about modern VoIP systems is that they incorporate various other communication services that you will find useful. Some of them are instant messaging, teleconferencing, presence information, video conferencing, receiving faxes, and voicemail via email.

Multi-features of VoIP systems like video conferencing and teleconferencing allow you to stay in touch with your employees in order to discuss important matters regardless of where your employees, which is excellent.

With a VoIP system, faxes and voicemail can be easily forwarded to your email. Also, you will receive your messages conveniently in one place – your email. And this will also allow you to archive and forward messages.


Did you know that compared to the conventional analog telephone connection, VoIP systems are much more secure? You can also separate a physical network into several separate virtual networks. This provides an extra layer of security for your company. Most modern phone systems have standardized encryption protocols, which make your calls and data secure. You can even restrict all your VoIP traffic to a separate network. This is great as it makes it simpler to monitor the network for any unauthorized use.  

Automated Assistance

Another amazing benefit of VoIP phone systems is that you can program answers to frequently asked questions to serve your customers’ calls even after office hours. You can also program holiday opening hours, standard opening hours, and other important announcements and provide your customers with optimal service at all hours of the day as well as night.

Reduced Costs

VoIP packages usually have two kinds of costs, depending on the VoIP provider. These include a monthly line rental fee and phone costs for your usage. VoIP phone systems are affordable and reduce costs as they use your existing internet connection in order to make telephone calls. So, the days of needing multiple telephone lines are over!

And in today’s global market and ever-changing economy, switching to a VoIP telephone system can prove to be cost-effective and efficient for your company and help your business grow. Keep in mind that switching to VoIP can save nearly any business a lot of money over the continued use of a traditional phone system. And note that this is especially true if your business makes international calls regularly.

You probably know that making a phone call over conventional phone lines can be quite expensive. However, by switching to a modern VoIP phone system, you can use the internet for relaying call data, and that makes a long-distance phone call cheaper. As traditional phone lines usually charge you for each minute of call time, moving to a VoIP system will immediately save your small business money.


Given the increasing demand to work from home, you can benefit from VoIP systems and services. This is because you will have the freedom and convenience to move as your business demands without any kind of limitations from your telephone system. And with VoIP, your business can also remotely operate these voice services from your office via the internet.

Flexibility and Upgrades

As a business owner, your focus has to be on the growth and expansion of your business. You don’t have time to focus on technology stoppers. A flexible VoIP phone system offers immediate scaling as your small business grows. And it does this without any major investment or delays, which is excellent. When you use a VoIP phone system for your enterprise, scalability in not any obstacle as you can easily upgrade the system. A VoIP system allows you to add or remove phone lines (also called call paths) as frequently as you need.

Ease of installation, Maintenance, and Upgrades

Another key benefit of VoIP systems is that they are quite easy to install and maintain. For example, there’s no need to have a dedicated technician running telephone wire throughout the office. Instead, VoIP phones are often plug-and-play and can use your current ethernet wiring rather than their dedicated connection.

You can handle the setup in a couple of different ways. Note that the physical installation of your desk phones, as well as network equipment, will vary depending upon VoIP providers.

VoIP phone systems are also straightforward and easy to use. Your employees and administrators can adapt fast and can learn many new features of the technology as they go, without feeling they need to have a degree in telecommunications. Also, note that employees who are used to a conventional phone system will quickly realize that VoIP systems are much easier to operate.

Important VoIP Phone System Features

Did you know that VoIP systems offer functionality that a lot of small businesses overlook? Here are some features that make VoIP an ideal solution for your business.

Call Forwarding

There is no doubt that flexibility is important for business calling operations. Note that the call forwarding preset will give your employees the opportunity to remain mobile. If you are meeting with a client out of your office, it is not an issue. Calls can automatically and easily be forwarded to any mobile device from the desk phone.


Keep in mind that the term auto-attendant in telephone refers to a voice menu system. The system transfers callers to an extension without having to go through a receptionist or telephone operator. This feature is important as it helps you to create your own customized greetings. Create custom messages depending on the time of the call and the caller.

Voicemail to Email Transcription

This is another incredible feature. Voicemail to email transcription can transcribe your voicemail messages to text and then send them to your preferred email. As a result, you do not need to worry about furiously and annoyingly scribbling names, addresses, and numbers. You will be able to take your time and read them conveniently in your email.

Call Screening

You may have heard of call screening. The feature displays a caller’s ID before answering the phone call. This gives you the option to accept, decline, or send a call straight to voicemail. Call screening is an overlooked feature in the VoIP business world, but it can come in handy. Screening can also help employees better manage their time when it comes to text-to-speech replies.


In today’s modern age, technology has certainly penetrated nearly every facet of our life. And VoIP communication is among those latest tech trends that have made rapid and considerable strides within the last decade. It has now become a new powerful alternative to conventional landline phone systems. VoIP is great. It offers a range of benefits to your business, It helps grow your company and saves your business money. But it can also increase efficiency significantly.

So, if you are still wrestling with a traditional phone system, you should consider the alternative; VoIP phone systems can improve efficiency, productivity, and connectivity in your office.