Ten Business Benefits Of Cloud Based VoIP

If you run a business, you deal with customers, supply chains, leads, and all sorts every day. You don’t deal with all of them physically. Instead, you make use of several communication channels. These channels include emails, phone calls, chats, etc. The strain of maintaining these communication channels can be quite frustrating. With so many incomings and outgoings, everything can quickly become overwhelming.

This is a problem that many companies have faced, and many of them have come up with a simple solution. And that’s to switch to Cloud Based VoIP.

Here are the ten most pressing reasons why more businesses than ever are making the switch.

Cloud Based Voip is an Integrated Business Communication System

Cloud-Based VoIP allows you to integrate your communications with your daily business workflow. This will let your work go smoothly and may even serve to optimize individuals’ performance in your team.

With the streamlined workflow that Cloud-Based VoIP provides, you’ll be able to control every aspect of your communications from one interface. This way, you’ll be able to streamline your operations and achieve results faster.

It’s Cost Efficient

Cloud-based solutions generally cut down on cost by a substantial amount. With this system, you no longer have to spend money on keeping traditional phone lines open. There is little maintenance or installation cost to speak of either. Notably, cloud solutions free up office space, so you actually spend less and save more money.

Business Friendly Features

You cannot expand and grow your business without proper evaluation. If you don’t properly understand how well (or how bad) your business has been doing, you won’t be able to make necessary changes to your structure to achieve maximum growth.

To properly evaluate, you need access to analytics that give you a view of precisely how well you’re doing. Traditional communication models would require you to hire a bunch of people to generate these analytics. However, with the cloud-based solution, you can generate these insights yourself and easily make decisions based on them.

It Improves Customer Support

One of the main reasons why communication is so important to businesses is that they are a huge aspect of customer satisfaction. After all, you cannot satisfy a customer you cannot communicate properly with. With a cloud-based VoIP, you can easily improve the service you deliver to customers and thus improve customer satisfaction. For example, you could easily record different call greeting messages for different seasons. You could also customize your on-hold messages to include special promotions or even answer commonly asked questions.

It Saves Time

If time is money, you need to run a business model that saves as much time as possible. A cloud-based VoIP solution will allow your reps to manage their system better and more efficiently. Since cloud solutions can integrate with other cloud-based apps easily, reps will be able to solve customer problems on the go. They cannot do that with regular communication channels.

Disaster Management

Cloud-based VoIPs often come with a disaster management system that ensures that your customers will always be able to reach you. It’s been proven that cloud-based channels have a lot less downtime than regular communication channels. Even if your internet connection drops, the cloud-based system can instantly recover your phone lines and divert VoIP calls to another running channel. This way, you’re 100% confident that you’ll never miss a customer call because of technical issues.

They Are Easily Customizable

When switching to a new system, it’s essential to know if the system would meet your business’s requirements. Since the cloud-based VoIP solution is designed to be easily customizable to meet the needs of all kinds of businesses, it would be a perfect fit.

The important thing is that even when you have new needs, the cloud can easily adapt and serve you exactly the way you’d like.

The Quality Of Your Calls Will Improve

A lot of reps complain about not being able to properly hear what the person on the other end of the line is talking about. You probably have had that problem too. Sometimes, all you hear are just cackles and static, and that makes it impossible to communicate properly.

This is a problem that only comes with regular calls. With VoIP, the probability of this happening significantly reduces. You’ll enjoy HD quality calls, and your sales reps will be able to hear customers very clearly. Customers will be able to hear your reps clearly, too.

You Can Monitor Your Calls Live

If you run the kind of business that gets a phone bill at the end of the month, you must have wondered if there’s a more efficient to run and track things. And there is.

With a cloud-based VoIP, you won’t have to wait till the end of the month to get your phone bill. You’ll be able to track and monitor the length of your calls through the interface. This, of course, has many advantages.

For example, if you notice a considerable increase in the number of calls that a particular department is receiving, you can choose to divert those calls to another department. That way, you’ll be able to reduce queue time.

It’s More Secure

If you move your communication system to the cloud, you’d be able to have better control over your security. For example, you’d be able to prevent Phone Phreaking. This kind of phone hack and fraud costs European businesses over 2 billion euros per year.

This kind of fraud not only harms the company by using its name to commit crimes, but they also tend to rack up huge phone bills after accumulating fraudulent phone calls. A cloud-based communication system can prevent this with a built-in credit limit system. When calls hit a certain preset limit, all outbound calls will be banned, and the admin will have to reset the system. That way, the person in charge will be able to cross-check and easily notice if there have been phone phreaking attempts on the channel.

One last great reason to adopt cloud solutions is that they do not require energy-draining infrastructure. So they can be seamlessly integrated into your workspace with no additional provisions. If you’re convinced that a cloud-based VoIP will help you run your business easier, contact us today. We’ll make the transition easy for you and your company.