The Future of VoIP Telephony and Cloud Communications

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony is defined as a set of standards or a technology that allows for the delivery of telephone calls and other forms of voice communication over the internet. The data is usually sent from the sender to the receiver via packets which are stored in the cloud.

This technology which allows users to transfer data packets across IP first came to profit-oriented public use in 1995. But the years that followed immediately after saw VoIP gaining very little acceptance. However, the improvements that were made a few years after that gave VoIP telephony the boost it needed. It started to gain acceptance among individuals as well as corporations.

Soon, companies like Skype would emerge to change the way businesses were conducted all over the world.

This was mainly because people started to recognize the better connectivity for improved collaborations, improved call quality and decreased overhead cost that came with using VoIP instead of the traditional circuit transmissions. And for those reasons, more people desired it.

This desire continues to increase today even as it is becoming easier for people and businesses to rely on cloud communications and services for connectivity.

Why VoIP Is the Future

Enterprises, whether small or large are seeing the light and continuously moving towards VoIP and cloud communications and you should too. The reason for this is because VoIP is considered the future of businesses. Here are some reasons why:

1. Reduced Cost

It is estimated that using a landline phone system would cost you, on average, $50/line for local calls alone. This cost can be reduced by more than half with a VoIP plan. A cost-saving opportunity like this can be very important for your business.

But that is not all the savings you would gain with VoIP. Using IP phones will directly remove the cost of providing and installing physical hardware like a (Private Branch Exchange) PBX. Also because VoIP works over the internet, you would save money on the extra wiring that come with using traditional communications. The cost of paying taxes on these physical infrastructures as well as carrying out routine maintenance will also be eliminated.

Concurrently, it will save you the cost of hiring a front-desk secretary, especially if yours is a growing business.

2. Absolute Portability

If there is another thing growing businesses love about switching to VoIP, it is the fact that the virtual numbers that come with IP phones are very portable. They are so portable that you can travel to any part of the globe and still use the same number. You only need to have access to a good internet connection. This is a great step-up from the landline phone system (POTS) where you are required to change numbers every time you change location to a new region.

3. Increased Accessibility

Apart from saving you a ton of money and being very portable, using VoIP offers greater business accessibility. Your customers can reach your business from anywhere on earth and connect with it easily. In an event where you are unable to take calls from customers, VoIP also offers the options of redirecting those calls to someone else on your team or even an automated message.

The system can also schedule a time on your calendar when you are available and automatically return calls at the scheduled time.

VoIP also makes it possible for members of your team to work remotely. Your employees can collaborate, communicate and be highly productive regardless of where they are. As the need to have a bigger mobile team keeps rising, more businesses are taking advantage of these benefits. You can have more work done by a bigger workforce without having to worry about getting a bigger office or business premise.

4. Improved Security

In a world where many businesses keep losing money to internet fraudsters through phishing, the need for improved security has never been this important. VoIP is designed with technology that includes encryption and identity management. This makes the VoIP system much more secured than the old phone system.

Also, if your VoIP is hosted by a trustworthy VoIP provider then you can be rest assured that you will have a team of experts who will be working around the clock to ensure threats and suspicious behaviors and activities are promptly detected and resolved. A trustworthy VoIP will also provide consistent and routine updates to whichever operating system you are using. This way you can always be sure your business and customers are safe and secure.

5. Better Scalability

VoIP plans are attractive because they are very scalable. As your business grows it is expected that your phone needs will also grow. Using a VoIP solution gives you the option of scaling your phone needs when the need arises.

The best part about this is it can all be done without any need to purchase any piece of expensive hardware or more dedicated lines.

Whether you are expanding your business with more offices or experiencing increased traffic in your growing business, you can always scale upwards with a VoIP solution.

6. Greater Convenience

You will agree that doing business can sometimes be very stressful. Hence, a system that allows you to do business with greater ease and convenience is important to help your business grow. IP technology is very easy to manage and can be operated or managed by even a single person. A feature like auto-attendant makes call handling and booking of appointments very easy for small businesses.

Larger businesses using VoIP plans can also seem more friendly and approachable by taking advantage of the many available features.

Features such as multi-party calling and conference calling are some of the most important ones for many businesses as they help make businesses more convenient. And with the availability of robust internet connectivity and bandwidth, the quality of these calls are usually profound and give your business the right push towards success.

7. Increased Flexibility and Multitasking

A VoIP system usually comes in the form of a softphone which is a program that can be installed on any internet-enabled device such as a smartphone or a computer. This means you can easily move them about as you only need to have your device to be able to access your VoIP system. This type of flexibility saves you space at the office as well as cut away the cost of purchasing equipment. It also ensures you and your team are also connected to your business and customers no matter where you are.
VoIP is also great for multitasking as they can perform many other tasks aside phone calls. Some of these tasks include messaging and sending of faxes, images, documents, and videos.

The Future of VoIP Telephony and Cloud Communications

There are many reasons why experts believe that the future of VoIP telephony is going to be a very interesting one. There is a report that about 25% of all business calls made are done through the VoIP system. This figure is expected to rise by next year. Experts believe that the VoIP growth in the coming years will be tied to a couple of factors but especially 5G and cloud communications.

Cloud Solutions for Better Storage

Cloud solutions and services are another reason why it is envisioned that VoIP will go on to grow significantly and consistently in the coming years. And as cloud services grow and become more popular we see traditional landlines and fixed phone lines gradually dwindling.

These services are also known as unified communications services and are not limited to borders or certain geographic locations. Apart from being universal, cloud communication services are secure and require very little customization.

The benefits of using hosted PBX for your business are numerous. First, they take away the burden of installing and managing a telecommunication system for your business. You will not need to purchase all the required equipment and the money you save can be channeled into some other aspects of your business. Also, because you do not have to manage the system yourself, you will have more time to focus more on the other important parts of your business including building and maintaining a better relationship with your customers.

Cloud communications will also improve the features of VoIP such as video calling and conferencing. This particular capability is one thing every business needs as better connectivity with customers and team members is very vital for business growth and success.

Cloud services will introduce new work ethics which will shift the paradigm of the way business is done all over the world. And the good thing is this improvement can be seen in every part of the world where cloud services are used.

Hosting with a great cloud service provider will give you access to a dedicated team that will monitor your VoIP plan very closely. Apart from saving you time, this will ensure your system is secure at all time as the team are properly trained on how to detect and resolve threats. This type of hosting will also ensure the operating system you are running gets regularly updated.

Businesses, all over the world, are adopting VoIP telephony and cloud communications because of the simplicity and flexibility it offers. This system of communication is now gaining so much popularity because of many other benefits it offers including cost-saving, accessibility, improved security, and convenience amongst others. And as things such as the way people work and connect with businesses change VoIP telephony will certainly continue to grow and improve.