VoIP Features Your Business Must Have in 2021

VoIP business phone
VoIP business phone

Since 1995 VoIP has been contributing to the betterment of the business world. It is an internet-based phone service with powerful features, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness. VoIP features a diverse array of purposes, whether customer service needs or internal calling demands. Business organizations of all niches and scales employ telephones to support their communication and customer service operations. At its essence, the voice-over-internet protocol is quite similar to the traditional system.

Benefits of VoIP

The core difference is the requirement for broadband connection. This sole distinguisher provides you with better investment in internet bandwidth while reducing the expenses of the telephone provider.
On the other hand, landlines come with expensive setup and maintenance, adding to the cost of growing business. A growing business needs more phone lines, and using landlines could increase the additional expense. The lack of features of video conferencing and team chats has rendered landlines obsolete. VoIP phone sets provide you with extensive communication capabilities with cloud-based networks.

Features of VoIP

To maximize the benefits of VoIP for your growing business, look for these features in VoIP before installation:

VoIP Feature 1. Centralized device management

Apart from cost and expenses, one of the primary reasons businesses shift from the traditional system is the over-complicated programming. It required the inclusion and removal extensions and cumbersome administration for effective phone connection with the directory. The VoIP system provides you with a centralized administrative portal to remove the hassle of effective directory connection. It provides you with ease of addition and removal, simplified phone configuration, and efficient management. Shifting to VoIP benefits you with the provision of the new extension, simple installation, and reduced programming and operational expenses.

VoIP Feature 2. Mobile application integration

Mobile application integration

Most companies provide their staff with a separate phone to attend work-related calls or ask them to use their personal phone number to take calls. Why not use the same personal device for business calls without giving out the personal number? Leverage the mobile app system to enable the same functionality as the VoIP set. Be it merging or splitting calls or transferring clients, or accessing the contacts; a well-integrated mobile app can do all that and more. It allows you to replicate the in-office presence without having you tethered to the set.

VoIP Feature 3. Conferencing

Creating the conference bridge might cost you an expense while adding to the hassle of using the third-party add-on. VoIP provides you with a conference bridge through comprehensive integration of conferencing features. Utilizing VoIP capabilities allows you to come up with a more efficient and budget-friendly alternative.

VoIP Feature 4. IoT

Internet of Things has the ability to connect millions of appliances and devices to develop a smarter world. With IoT integration, the value proposition of VoIP is bound to escalate. The automation of VoIP through IoT will ensure better capacity and secure information transmission. The synergy of the two will define the future of smart offices while increasing efficiency and performance exponentially.

VoIP is changing the business world with VoIP features like effective communications and adaption of coming technologies. The integration of VoIP in the business world is the progressive path towards the expansion of both business organizations and the VoIP industry.

VoIP Features Your Business

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